21 de diciembre de 2013

Pop iela 2 - Super Reflections the International 8...!
// By Carmen Encuentra //

After the hard work preparing our performance in Pop iela, our team "The International 8" wants to share with you reflections about Pop iela. 

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Initially I was thinking that I will be just a help with costumes and set decoration and I was really pleased to participate. But after a while it turned out that we all had to play and actively participate in the performance and I was afraid that I won’t be able to do it. For getting free from this fear and insecurity I owe it to professional director who was helping us. 

Preparation for “Pop iela” went like any other creative work and was changing all the time, till the very last moment. Personally, I was very interested in cooperation and interaction with other team members and get some new competences and of course get some new experience. 

Each activity has its own influence on every person’s self development and for me this was a great experience that gave me a chance to build up some new skills that I didn’t have before and I’m truly grateful to all my team members and I’m really happy that I shared this experience with those amazing people.


I was very happy, because this would be my first participate in Popiela.
EVS Volunteer were meeting each other during a month in JACis. We were working and inventing new ideas.

In the first part, I presented the old man, then I was a bad student, and in the third part I was an American football player.
My participation in Pop iela was a great experience for me!!


I thought that it would be great to take part in Pop iela because it was something new for me and the posibility to be on the Jorik's stage it was an amazing and unique experience.

It wasn't easy prepare the performance, because we didn't have enough time to meet each other, but finally with the great idea and motivation of Prokop and thanks to the incorporation of Julia and Marco to the team, we started to work and it was dificult but funny. We could rehearse with the help of Andris from Jorik's Theater and we were ready in a few days.

I realized that we were able to share ideas and work as a team, we did it!! I have been able to do a small role on a stage in a fantastic event and I proud to be the first International team in Popiela :)

From the beginning I thought I will be part of Pop iela. Because it sounds really interesting. And also the videos we looked with Prokop seemed really good.

Our preparation of the Performance was really short, we had someting about 3 weeks to plan the Performance since I joy in. But it was ok! And our Performance shows that we were a skillful group.
For me it meant a lot. Staying on stage is not usual for me. But I enjoyed it!! The audience was great. And my team also. So I will keep good memories when I think about Pop iela. 

It was a really great experience to remember our participation in Popiela!
At the beggining it was amazing think that an international people's group would be part in Popiela for the first time!! So, I was exciting and the same time thinking about it all time... because we were watching videos about performances of previous years and it was amazing how young people are able to create a story and then to tell about this story throught music...

The preparation wasn't easy... Do you know that feeling when you don't have great and interesting ideas? Fortunately, the inspiration arrived thanks to Prokop, and then thanks to Julia and Marco :)))
We went a great team and I think we did a good job. I enjoyed it and for me it was an excellent opportunity to gain new competences. 
My participation in Popiela will be in my mind forever!! ^-^

For me, it was a very nice experience to be a part of our group for Popiela ! 
It was the first time that I stand on stage! I was really nervous, but we all together had such a nice time and fun together! We train for Popiela only a few days -not like the other for more month- but I think we did a good job! 

I want to say thx -because I ever remember me to be a part of Popiela!
It was a really nice day! I will remember me for a long long time! Thank you too JACis that I was a part of polpiela!!! 

When Katja first mentioned us a possibility to perform at Pop Iela, I immediately found it an amazing idea, as it would be something totally different and cool, something I have not done in a long time and possibly better than my previous acting experience. 

The preparation for Pop Iela? That was when I felt the hard reality, as I realised this thing was not going to do itself, it would not be a piece of cake, it would be a hard work and above all, motivating others to be as excited as I was about it. Problem was that we lost quite a lot of time for preparation simply because we did not have a clear idea what to do but once that happened, things moved in the right direction. Very important was involvement of Marco and Julia, without whom it would probably be impossible to do it, especially Marco was a big help as he was also really excited about the idea of acting, just like me. 

Participating in pop Iela meant a lot to me. Not only could I act on stage in front of audience which was both challenging and exciting at the same time, I learned, how to mix different audio tracks which I am sure to use later at some point of my EVS. I actually take it as a first step on my way to being able to create videos which I always wanted to learn, but actually never did, not yet.
But above all, I was really happy that all international volunteers in Rezekne kinda got together and worked on a common project and we were finally able to show it to others and make this Pop Iela special, not only for us but also for JACis, and I am sure in the end everyone enjoyed it =.)


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