13 de noviembre de 2013

El día de Lachplesis, se acerca el día Nacional e historia de Letonia en 9 minutos // Lachplesis's Day, National the day is near and history of Latvia in 9 minutes
// By Carmen Encuentra //

This week in Rezekne there are Latvia's flags everywhere, lampposts, buildings and children, young and old wear pins, ribbons with the colors of Latvia in their jackets, as a bracelet or hair, and Zeimuļs also has been decorated for the occasion, and what is celebrated?

11. November. Latvian Freedom Fighters' Remembrance Day - Lāčplēsis Day.
On this date in 1919, the Latvian Army won a decisive battle against Russian and German forces led by Pavel Bermont-Avalov. This victory succesfully ended the Latvian War of Liberation (1918-1920) and enabled the people of Latvia to realize their dream of an independent state. The day is named in honour of Latvia's legendary warrior-hero,  Lāčplēsis (The Bearslayer)



18. November. Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia.
The REpublic of LAtvia was proclaimed an independent state on this day in 1918 in the building that today houses the NAtional Theatre in Rīga. Latvia's first period of independence lasted until June 17, 1940, when Soviet forces occupied the country. The independence of the REpublic of LAtvia was restored on August 21, 1991. Many festive events take place throgh the country on this day, including a nationally televised address to the people by the President of the Republic of Latvia. In recent years this speech is given before large crowds in the square by the Freedom Monument in Rīga. (Latvia.lv)

Nice pictures of decoration with Latvian colours in Zeimuļs and then a short video of history of Latvia in 9 minutes!




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