31 de agosto de 2014

Last days in Rezekne: 100% Latgalian (Part I)
// By Carmen Encuentra //

Amazing place to be suprise and getting caught for the enchanted of latgalian traditional cuisine and handicraft
We are talking about Mols!!!

Mols, mākslas salons – bārs, this is meanning pub and art saloon, is located in Latgales iela 22/24 (Latgale Street) in the heart of Latgale, Rēzekne!!!

“Mōls” is exclusive with the dishes being cooked according to the ancient Latgalian recipes.
The interior lets to feel the antiquity and cosiness: the fire-place, ceramic dishes, and paintings on the walls and a very friendly rabbit." (rezekne.lv)

In our last days in Rezekne, we spent a nice morning in Mols, as you can see! 

In the entrance to Mols, you can see the flag of Latgale region, in the historical Latgale street with the characteristic red bricks buildings.

latgale street latvia

Views of Latgale Street, with the Jesus Cathedral in the background.

Inside Mols you can find a nice shop where you can buy many creations made by locals crafters. The stars of this beautiful crafts are the wool socks and the famous triangle winter gloves, they are masterpieces!

Rēzekne is an important location for those interested in Latvian pottery. Latgalia’s pottery masters are particularly known for using the techniques of their forebears to create brightly colored pottery in a range of shapes. Also, Latgale black ceramics are well known....

You can eat for 3 euros. You will get a tasty soup (with cabbage, potatoes, spices, meat, sourcream), a dish with salad, fried potatoes and chicken steak, black bread and a fruit juice. The food serve in black ceramic!!

Look!! the pot and cups for the tea are so cute!! They are made of traditional latgalian black ceramic.

Here I am so afortunate to touch a traditional latvian belt "tausta josta". The maniqui wear a traditional costume.

We are in front of the bar, wich is full of souvenirs that you can buy and interesting vintage things like a coffe machine, radio, lamp, bottles, etc.

And here, we are with Jekaterina Moisejeva, who took these wonderful photos! She was the Pilar's coordinator on the project "Youth Partners".

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